Redbet – Hot Torbonus Of 5 Euro

Football is known to be about the goals. And it is precisely because of this that the bookmaker Redbet provides his customers with a first-class goal bonus. The offer has absolutely rarity value, because such an offer appeared so far still with no other bet offerer. Look at and strike is here in any case to be recommended.

Zu Redbet

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The requirements and conditions of this offer could not be easier. For selected games, the Tor Bonus is available and is automatically activated once a bet of at least 25 Euros has been placed on one of the participating games. The players will then no longer have to take any further steps. The highlight of the bonus: For every goal scored by one of the teams, the players receive a bonus of five euros.

For example, if Borussia Dortmund strikes three times in a game, the bookmaker will pay a bonus of 15 euros. The participating games are always displayed on the action page of the bookmaker. Of course this action is not only once available, but is granted for numerous plays over the whole season.

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