Karlsruhe: City Expects Wave Of Lawsuits

The city of Karlsruhe is actually well advised in legal questions, after all the Federal Constitutional Court is sitting here among others. This knowledge within the range of the right problems might need the city now in addition, in addition, now, because after expiration of the transition periods at the end of of of June numerous enterprises are to close their doors – and that smells already now after a mighty complaint wave.

500 meters distance make problems

In the future it goes in Karlsruhe only in such a way: Is to be found in the city a play hall, may within a periphery of 500 meters no further play hall be settled. The city makes thereby no exceptions, even if an enterprise is already for many years also from the part. Only the hardship case regulations can help then still.

And exactly against it presumably numerous operators in the city will complain, finally it concerns with the fixed border of 500 meters quite an arbitrary decision. And the extent is enormous: Of the 67 play halls of the city 57 are concerned by the new regulation around the distance requirement.