Merkur Gaming: Participation In Juegos Miami

In the meantime, the gaming fair Juegos Miami has become an integral part of the gaming industry. In 2016 it was held for the first time, since then the Who-is-Who meets once a year in the city of Miami. This year the industry meeting will take place from May 29th to 31st and the Merkur Gaming team will be there again. Here, too, one can speak of an “old hand” in principle, because for the company it is now its fourth visit to the fourth fair. And once again you have a whole lot of innovations in your luggage.

Miami welcomes the gambling industry

On May 29th it’s time again and the international trade fair Juegos Miami opens its doors. Already for the fourth time in succession the industry meeting in Florida is aligned, this year it goes in the detail into the city Coral Gables in the County Miami Dade. Here in the Biltmore hotel numerous considerable enterprises of the industry will meet, in order to exchange about pieces of news and changes and present at the same time their innovative product innovations. Merkur Gaming, a subsidiary of the well-known Gauselmann Group from Germany, will also be taking part this year.

The Merkur Gaming America team has already been very successful at the trade fair over the past three years and will be working again this year to improve networking and possibly discover new cooperation partners. Charles Hiten, the Chairman of Merkur Gaming America, explained in a statement that in addition to the team from the USA some other leaders can also be expected:

“Merkur has a strong connection with Juegos Miami since it first took place in 2016. We are proud to continue to be an exhibitor in the Tuttle Suite and a dedicated sponsor of the evening Juegos Miami Opening Ceremony at the Alhambra Ballroom. In addition to our employees from the USA and other countries, some executives of our subsidiaries from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru will also be present.”

Rapid-Thunder-Feature as figurehead for the fair

Thus Merkur Gaming would like to present itself again this year and so the company sends its new feature “Rapid Thunder” as a driving force to the Sunshine State. Strictly speaking, this is a bonus feature that can pave the way for players to win various jackpots. These are determined from game to game and are thus fixed on a respective amount. So it is not about the so-called progressive jackpots, which increase with each game round further.

During the game, an electrified wreath may appear randomly on one of the rollers, which is then held on this roller and surrounds positions on the roller. The entire roller must be surrounded by the wreath. If this is the case and at least two reels are affected, a jackpot is won. There are several jackpots to clear, the largest of which is for five wreath rollers. In this case is paid out with the highest stake a profit of 10,000 US Dollar. First tests with the new feature already run with Merkur Gaming, so far the Rapid Thunder is extremely well accepted by the players.

Aside from that the players may swear themselves in the United States in the future probably also on new play systems and naturally numerous new titles. That the Focus of Mercury is put meanwhile so strongly on the market in overseas and the operational readiness level on the Juegos Miami accordingly is important is not really surprising.

Great hopes in north, middle and South America

Already two years ago a completely clear trend became apparent in the numbers of the Gauselmann group abroad. Actually already at that time approximately 50 per cent of the profits were gained outside of the Federal Republic. And the trend has only intensified since then. The phenomenon is favoured above all by the fact that the legal situation in the USA has changed significantly in the last few months and has become much looser for the industry. In addition, the markets in South America or Central America are meanwhile an important mainstay for the Gauselmann Group.

The own origin, Germany, moves so obviously ever further into the background. Really the company did not advance with the development of own gaming halls and/or gaming houses, only three gives it in the entire republic – and all are in the eastern Lands of the Federal Republic. Likewise pressure exerts the law situation in Germany. While the trend moves in the USA to a loosened liberalisation, one is in Germany in this topic for well seven years on an identical conditions.

While the Federal Republic gives thus one of the pull horses of the domestic industry more and more from the hand, grows the acknowledgment for the gambling products ?larva in Germany? from the house of the laughing sun. For Mercury the appearance on the Juego Miami is therefore at least equal in double regard important : On the one hand for the conception of the own products, on the other hand in addition, in order to make the own name still further well-known overseas – that could be possibly in the future still important.