Karamba: Collect 200 Euro Bonus And 100 Free Spins

The Karamba Casino has been active on the market for some time, but has only recently made a name for itself in German-speaking countries. Large portion here of has the welcome offer, with which the offerer welcomes its new customers. New players may be pleased about up to 200 euro bonus, which are supplemented additionally by whole 100 Freegames.

To the Karamba Casino

Welcome party goes over three days

Starting signal for the bonus is the first deposit on the player account, whereby a 100 per cent bonus of up to 200 euro is activated. If players should deposit for example 200 euro, further 200 euro would be transferred as bonus by the offerer also on the account. But that’s not all, because additionally 20 free spins are promised for the portfolio.

The welcome party continues on the second day after registration, where every player can secure another 40 free spins. The conclusion supplies then the third day after the registration and deposit, which brings in again 40 free plays for each new customer.

Now with Karamba play!