Stockpair Experiences

Caution: Stockpair does not accept new customers at the moment. Please use our broker comparison and choose an alternative broker like IQ option or BDSwiss.

Stockpair, that stands for professional and innovative pair trading. This novel trading tool currently only offers the fewest binary options to brokers. One of the pioneers in this field is the Broker Stockpair. A reason for us to take the offerer once completely exactly under the magnifying glass and to regard us both reliability and the total offer.

Background: so serious is Stockpair

Are it with Stockpair fraud? How trustworthy is the top broker? You should ask yourself these questions first if you want to register with a new broker. Traders at Stockpair do not have to have any reservations. The broker was founded in 2010 and belongs to the larger group of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd., which already present interesting solutions in other areas of trading with financial products and are experienced accordingly. Stockpair should help to continue the brand image. It can therefore be assumed that Stockpair is serious and that customers are not taken for a ride there.

Naturally, Stockpair is also subject to an EU-wide regulation which is carried out by the Cypriot CySEC. Almost all binary options brokers are controlled by this financial regulator, which should give the local experts enormous experience. The CySEC is directly subject to EU regulation in Brussels. This means that Stockpair is regulated in the same way as brokers, for example, who are controlled by the German BaFin. They do not have to worry about unfair business practices, which is sometimes the case with competitors. Customer money is stored separately from company assets so that in the event of insolvency all amounts can be paid directly to you.

Videovorschau zu Stockpair

In the following video you will find our experiences with Stockpair in the summary. We also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

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With regard to seriousness and reliability, even traders who work with Stockpair have not expressed any concerns so far. Payments are made reliably, contact to the customer service is no problem and the offer is completely Germanized. In general, the trader industry places a lot of trust in the provider, which in turn is maintained. Reliability is highly valued at Stockpair. This impression is conveyed by the first glance at the homepage of the binary options broker.

The support in the test

The website of the provider is clearly arranged and user-friendly. All information as well as hints about the regulation and the background of Stockpair can be found quickly. Contact to the very friendly, open-minded and knowledgeable staff members in our test is possible via a contact form, via email, the live chat and own telephone numbers for different countries. A separate number is also dedicated to the German-speaking countries. You can contact the employees of the company at any time and they will give you expert advice. There is nothing wrong with the support at Stockpair.

Our Stockpair Experiences

It is a broker who could convince us with respect to seriousness and reliability. Stable regulation, excellent customer service and a clear website that provides all necessary information quickly and easily. Our experiences are therefore extremely positive. We also place a lot of trust in the Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. brand. We can warmly recommend Stockpair to everyone.

The_offer of Stockpair

How does Stockpair perform in the binary options Broker comparison? We have checked this extensively here and have written an assessment for each sub-item, how the provider is to be evaluated in general. But attention: The offer of a broker should be taken only under the magnifying glass, after the seriosity was examined. Because what is the point of high profits if the money is not paid out at the end?

Pair Trading im Fokus

The Stockpair offer naturally includes classic call and put trading. You can decide whether the price of an underlying is above or below the current value at the specified time. This type of trading offers Stockpair as well as many competitors with high maturities, as well as for short periods such as 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds. Especially for beginners it is advisable to avoid short term trades. It is mostly more about luck than coincidence than about real trading with binary options.

Stockpair’s basis of business, however, is the so-called Pair Traiding. Only few offerers have this special form of the trade in the program. They have an overview of different financial products (for example shares) of a certain industry and branch. The trader must now estimate which company has the highest performance at the end time of the option contract. It is therefore a matter of weighing up stock companies, indices, commodities and currencies against each other. The less likely a company is to win this type of “competition”, the higher the offered return. Pair Traiding is on the up and up and definitely a trading model of the future. It requires a lot of skill and an excellent overview of the respective market. However, pair trading is also much more fun than other types of trading.


Stockpair promises up to 82% profit to customers who successfully invest their money in classic call and put options. Competitor offerers make partly up to 92% net yield possible. Nevertheless there are also enterprises, which lie clearly under 82%. In the total market overview customers and customers are well served with Stockpair.

With the riskier investment possibilities (with Stockpair thereby above all the call and Put options with short running times are meant) the broker makes possible up to 350% net yield, ranks however also thereby rather in the middle field.


The trading platform of Stockpair is very structured and offers a high degree of order. However, this is probably due to the few trading possibilities that Stockpair provides on the platform. Built-in are technical trading tools such as a chart for technical analysis. According to Stockpair, market values are supplied by the news agency Reuters. This ensures that the price data is transmitted in real time.

Other than many competing providers, Stockpair currently did without a mobile app for tablet and smartphone. Neither in the iOS App Store, nor in the Google Play Store interested users will find what they are looking for. However, the trading platform is designed in such a way that it can also be used by mobile devices without any problems. We would like to advise beginners against mobile trading in general. On Tablet and Smartphone the overview of current courses is not sufficient to make tangible predictions about the courses.

Deposit and payout

Within less than two minutes you have created an account with Stockpair. With one of the many different deposit options you can transfer your first money directly and smoothly to your online account. Available are among other things payments by bank transfer, credit card, giropay, Sofortüberweisung and Skrill.

Before a payment can be ordered the customer must verify himself. According to our experience the transfer of the money to the own account has to be expected within a few working days. Also other customers have made professional experiences with Stockpair payments. Serious and reliable the amounts are transferred to Trader. As a minimum payout the very user-friendly value of 20 Euro is mentioned.

Bonus and special actions

Other than with many other brokers there is no bonus. At least Stockpair does not offer a permanent promotion from which new customers can profit. Instead new special conditions are published again and again, which refer above all to an increase of the first deposit of a customer. Neutraders are therefore recommended to have a look at Stockpair’s website regularly and to inform themselves about the current offers and each new bonus.

Moderate Einstiegshürden

Many newcomers will surely be deterred by Stockpair for the time being. The minimum deposit sum amounts to 250 euro, which seems a little high in the comparison to competition offerers. Nevertheless we can say after the test that the binary options broker is actually worth this high deposit. Maybe beginners should take a bit more money in their hand to find a place with one of the best providers in the industry.

Pro Trade the investor must invest at least 20 Euro. This sum is also only slightly higher than what is known from competing providers.

About 100 Stock Values

The focus of Stockpair’s underlyings is on equities and their prices. More than 100 different securities are made available for trading. There are comparatively few indices, commodities and currencies to trade. The total number is therefore pleasing, but there is a lack of balance. Stockpair should add to this in order to be able to catch up with the competition.


In connection with the comparatively higher entry hurdles, which were set up at Stockpair due to the minimum deposit of 250 Euro, there is another damper for newcomers: the educational offer turns out quite meager. Written readings are available in small numbers, but a market overview is all the more comprehensive. Interested people should train with other providers or with the help of the online information before Stockpair is active. Unfortunately there is no demo account at Stockpair.

Overall rating: Stockpair

Our experiences with Stockpair are excellent: the provider offers a comprehensive trading program which is especially tailored to call and put trading as well as pair trading. The yield chances are mediocre, the educational offer as well as the entrance hurdles for beginners are not attractive. However, Stockpair can score points with its specialisation in pair trading, which only a few brokers offer. In addition, the extremely high seriousness and reliability of the provider are further reasons why the opening of an account is urgently advisable.

All in all, our experiences are therefore very good. We can recommend the broker without hesitation and will also personally maintain an account there, in order to be advised at any time in the best possible way when trading in the pair trading area.


Stockpair is the only provider in the binary options sector that can still score with an innovative business segment! The others have meanwhile degenerated into a real uniform mush, whereby one after the other has scared me away. There is nothing new. That’s why I prefer to use my money where I know that there is an active effort to advance the market. This is the case with this broker. Keyword: Pair Trading! For me, this is the most innovative thing that brokers have brought to the market so far. Social trading, which I personally unfortunately don’t believe in at all, has also developed over time. In my opinion, social trading is only about making people believe that they can earn and win a lot of money without much effort. Therefore you should rather go to Stockpair if you want to try something new.

written 21 months ago


With Stockpair I don’t have to worry about the security of my deposits. The provider is regulated by the CySec in Cyprus and is therefore obliged to keep the customer’s money separately. So I don’t have to fear a loss even in case of insolvency.

written 12 months ago