Itrader Experiences

An extensive offer for the trade and numerous possibilities to invest in different trade goods – those are only two aspects, which leave a positive impression with the broker itrader. In the following empiric report is to be read, which expectations one can place as a trader in addition still to the offerer. That is for a positive entrance into Trading with CFDs and Forex often an appropriate basic condition.

Our experiences in the overview

For the trade with securities there are in the meantime numerous possibilities and no longer only shares stand thereby in the focus. Trading in currencies and contracts for differences – the so-called CFDs – is also very popular. So it is not surprising that there is now a large selection of brokers for this, too, where it is possible for traders to participate extensively and flexibly in trading. This also includes the provider itrader, which draws attention to itself with a German-language website and an extensive range for trading. The broker from Cyprus offers thereby not only much flexibility, but also a reliable participation in the Trading.

Various functions and offers offer here an ideal trade basis for the traders and it is created thus an option to participate with CFDs and foreign exchange professionally and goal-oriented in the trade. In addition it comes that one can take up the offered support as a trader simply and simply. The broker itrader continues to convince with changing bonus offers, through which you as a trader for the first deposit a kind of reward can receive. The offerer can convince in addition with different on-line Tools such as computers and the option of participating by App in the trade also mobilely.

itrader in the check: Fraud or respectable?

Ehe it to the further details, advantages and possibilities with the CFD and Forex broker itrader goes, another, very important question should be clarified. A question that usually concerns all traders who are interested in a new broker or want to invest in trading there. After all, one’s own security plays an enormously important role in trading, so that one naturally only wants to register with a reputable and reliable broker. Even more so, of course, when it comes to your first deposit. With a broker you don’t want to fear fraud as a trader and you don’t want to have anything to do with rip-off. If one considers the circumstances with the offerer itrader, one can recognize on the basis the made experiences fast that the offerer is respectable and convinces with a high measure of reliability. Above all, regulation and deposit insurance play an enormously important role in this context. Also the trade offer and the further possibilities with this offerer – like for example the Webinars and other training courses – are to be called here accordingly. A safe trade is possible with this broker thus in each case and one does not have to worry about negative experiences as a trader in any way.

Numerous trade values make a flexible Trading possible

The trade with currencies is to be understood on and for itself relatively simple and is used therefore gladly also by a risers into the Trading. Here one considers two currencies, which together form a currency pair. The EUR/USD pair is an example. Here you look at the difference in value between the individual currencies and how these values change. Through clever trading you can make profits and use the great potential of trading for yourself. However, trading in difference contracts is also very popular, although the trading risk is somewhat higher. The experience with itrader shows in any case that the broker offers many possibilities for his traders. There is an extensive range of tradable securities and the spreads are in a low range. Already from a spread of 0.7 pips you can start trading with the broker itrader. The spread is the fee that is charged for trading with a broker of this type.

Besides the trade with currency pairs CFDs with this offerer can be completely flexibly acted with. For this purpose, stocks, indices or commodities are available in the area of CFDs. In this way an option is given to take up again and again new trading possibilities. The flexible trading tool also allows the use of various indicators that can be used to individually control trading. Numerous tools for optimal participation in trading are also available and it is possible for traders to make use of various trading options. Numerous trading values are available for trading 24 hours a day, other values are only tradable between 9 am and 6 pm. All in all there is a lot of flexibility and the trade can be designed according to your own ideas and requirements. This has a positive influence on itrader’s test report in any case.

Therefore, itrader offers numerous options for trading and as a trader you can profit from low spreads and attractive profit opportunities. The broadly positioned offer for trading offers a lot of comfort in any case and makes the broker interesting also for beginners. But even experienced traders can participate comprehensively and versatilely in trading. The many indicators and tools are helpful in any case and offer great potential. With different trading strategies – for it likewise Tools are available to the use – one can steer here as a Trader the own trade success and take again and again new possibilities for itself up.

Bonus offers vary – they offer for the Trader a large potential

For numerous Trader also an offered bonus plays a certain role. Bonuses are paid by many brokers for very different reasons. Some providers pay bonuses already for the registration and the first deposit, other brokers tie these bonuses to a certain minimum turnover, which one must reach as a trader. Whether you find a bonus for trading good or bad, as a trader you have to decide for yourself. A clear advantage is in any case that you often have a higher capital available for trading. In many cases you can also enter the trade more relaxed with the bonus credit, as you do not directly invest your own capital in the first trades. However, many bonus payments are also tied to conditions with the individual brokers. So these often only become payable after a high turnover, so that one can profit as a trader only after some time actually from it. In other cases a bonus is withdrawn again, if one cannot convert the valid conditions for it within a given period.

With this offerer – so the test shows it quite clearly – one does not have to ask oneself the question after a bonus always. Because there is a bonus with this broker only from time to time. The periods for it are not before fixed or publicly observable. On the web page of the offerer one finds however nevertheless the bonus conditions and also the kind of the offered bonus. Thus there is partly a money bonus at a value of 100 euro, on the other side in addition, bonus offers in the form of material premiums. Finally, the broker itrader offered an iPhone 6 as a bonus. However: If you can’t implement the turnover requirements for the bonus, you have to pay it back. The value will then be deducted accordingly from the first payout. This procedure tends to be understandable, but this can also be a reason why a trader decides against using the bonus with this broker.

In order to have the bonus paid out – at least if it is a financial bonus – a trader must achieve a certain turnover anyway. Otherwise, this credit can only be used to participate in the trade. In case of a loss trade, however, not the money of your own deposit is lost, but only the bonus. At the end every trader decides for himself if he wants to receive a bonus. This offers great potential with this provider in any case and can therefore be worthwhile. The itrader experience report is positively influenced by the available bonus. However, it would be even more interesting if the bonus would be granted permanently. In this way one can profit as a trader with a new account opening however at least from time to time from it.

The experience with itrader with regard to the bonus must be assessed in such a way that the bonus terms and conditions and all requirements are clearly stated on the website. Thus, the CFD and Forex broker is clearly characterized by a high degree of transparency and clearly shows traders which options they can take advantage of. Thus the bonus offer can convince in this connection in the long run nevertheless in this connection.

Inpayments and disbursements can be made simply

For deposits and disbursements appropriate possibilities should be available with a reliable and safe broker. Here it does not depend at all times on the fact that a large number at payment ways is offered. Much more important is however that these offer much security and it does not come thus with the money transfer to problems. With the Broker itrader there is a manageable number of payment possibilities, which promise however all much security. So one can make as a Trader the deposit by credit card or take in addition also the bank transfer in requirement.

A deposit is with itrader thus as very surely to be classified, which affects the experiences with itrader. However the broker could make quite still further payment possibilities available. Skrill or Neteller would be to be called here for example, as one can find them frequently also with other offerers. In addition, brokers provide information on how to make deposits and that there are different account models. Details on the minimum amount of a payout cannot be found as long as you are not registered. So there is still room for improvement here.

Ebenso you can make a payout at itrader and receive this money reliably and quickly. On the website you won’t find any direct details about the minimum amount for a payout, but you can find details about the security for payouts. So for the first payout for new traders a corresponding identification is necessary. This serves the broker as security and should ensure that only authorized persons can request and receive a payout. This process must be mentioned positively in any case and plays a correspondingly important role in the test. After all the security, which one enjoys here as a trader, is clearly underlined.

In the majority of cases deposits and also disbursements are simply possible with the offerer and it is offered a sufficiently large comfort for it. Beginners and also experienced traders get along with it well, whereby one could wish oneself partially still further possibilities for money transfers.

Regulation and deposit protection guarantee the safety of the traders

Of course – as already mentioned – the safety of the traders is a very big factor, which is why you decide for a broker or not. In many cases, the issue of security is only a secondary aspect for the individual brokers. One can assume from this with the offerer itrader in no way. Here the security stands at the forefront. This becomes clear by a voluntary regulation by the supervisory authority of Cyprus. The CySEC monitors and controls the broker and thus ensures that customer funds in particular are not endangered. This already offers traders the security that trading is possible without fraud and rip-off. Regulation is often an important criterion – especially for brokers from abroad. Although secure trading is usually possible even without regulation, regulation naturally offers a positive feeling for the individual trader and makes it clear that trading can be carried out safely and reliably.

The deposit guarantee offered, which is also prescribed within the EU, is also suitable. Up to a sum of 100,000 euros per customer account, the credit balance of the traders must be secured. In the event of insolvency, it is still available for retrieval. The deposit protection with itrader continues to place the security for the traders and their capital in the foreground. Besides the broker keeps own capital also on separate accounts, so that this does not come together with the customer money. In the area of security, itrader is therefore completely convincing and makes it clear that traders are in good hands here and can participate easily and comprehensively in trading. Deposit protection and regulation are clearly to be rated positively and make it clear that the broker does everything for the security of the traders. This is not always completely the case with other providers of this kind.

Easy accessibility of the support is guaranteed

Of course the possibilities for establishing contact also play a not negligible role. After all it can – despite all professionalism – come to questions, to which one finds as a trader at first no answer. It is practical when you can quickly and easily contact an employee of the broker. With the Broker itrader this is possible in any case and flexible options are available for establishing contact. Although there is no live chat, you can easily contact the support. The provider not only provides an international hotline, but also different phone numbers for traders from different countries. A German-language number can also be found so that support is also guaranteed in German. This is a German landline number for which no additional costs are incurred. That is to be evaluated in any case as very positive.

In addition comes the possibility of taking up contact with the support by Mail. Written one can bring its request thus directly to the language and can look forward to a fast feedback. The same possibility is also available via the broker’s contact form. A fast help with questions or also problems is thus ensured in each case. In addition with the Broker also over the Messenger WhatsApp contact can be taken up, so that it does not lack also at modern communication possibilities.

Simple structure of the web page permits simple use

The web page of the Broker is clearly structured and offers direct access to all relevant and important aspects. The colour scheme and menu navigation ensure that you can find your way around immediately. Directly via the website you can quickly register with itrader. In addition, MetaTrader 4 can also be used to easily participate in trading. This tool offers many different functions and can be used easily. Likewise this applies also to the offered Webtrader, which gives it with this broker.

With little effort the website can be used, which is a clear advantage. Above all new Trader find themselves so fast and simply by right.

Mobile App

With the offered App with the broker itrader it is likewise possible to participate simply and with high comfort in the trade. The App is free and based on the MetaTrader 4. Thus one can log in as a trader with the well-known data and participate also on the way in the trade. The app also offers many functions and can therefore be used comfortably. An intuitive menu guidance is present here and the App can be used with itrader thus comfortably.

Fazit: Trading can be worthwhile with itrader often

With the broker itrader everything agrees. As a trader you can benefit from a lot of security and you will find regulation and deposit protection. In addition, there are also extensive training offers as well as the option to reach the support via WhatsApp. In addition there are further contact possibilities and the chance to profit from low spreads when trading. All in all, the broker also offers many opportunities with the bonus offered and thus great potential for profitable trading in CFDs and Forex stocks. This is not only possible on the PC, but also with a mobile App completely without problems and thus a clear advantage for all traders of this broker.